The objectives of the Surrey Muslim Funeral Service are as follows:

  • SMFS main objective is to ensure that our members are provided with a best quality Islamic funeral service upon the death of their loved ones. To give members peace of mind that all funeral arrangements have been taken care of, during this painful, difficult, sad and emotional time.
  • Support the family in situations where the person is in hospital.
  • If the deceased has no family or relatives, then SMFS will provide the funeral service using the money from the SMFS fund.


  • On hearing about any Muslim brother or sister is ill at home or in hospital, SMFS will make contact with the family member to see where we can help and assist and all Surrey Muslim Communities will be informed to make duahs for the ill person and their family.
  • On hearing about a deceased person, SMFS will contact the family and relatives to help and assist with the arrangements of the full funeral service.
  • If the deceased family want the body sent to Bangladesh, then SMFS will cover the cost of the flight of the deceased to Bangladesh only and the flight costs for one family member. BUT PLEASE NOTE SMFS RECOMMENDS BURIAL HERE IN THE UK, BUT IF INSISTED BY FAMILY THEN SMFS WILL RELUCTANTLY HELP WITH THE TRANSPORTATION OF THE BODY TO BANGLADESH.
  • If the SMFS member passes away abroad, SMFS will not cover the cost of transport of the deceased body back to the UK. SMFS will pay for the funeral service and costs in the UK only.
  • In providing the Funeral Service, SMFS will follow the Sunnah of our beloved prophet s.a.w. and following the burial system of companion of Rasul s.a.w.