Membership shall be open to any person of Bangladeshi origin and their family residing in the Surrey area belonging to Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaah and is willing to abide by the rules of the group

  • For a family joining the scheme, there would be a one off fee of £200.00 and then a monthly fee of £3.00 per person per family.
  • Payment method to be standing order / direct debit OR pay 6 months /12 month in ADVANCE in cash or cheque.
  • Members must ensure that the money used for this membership of SMFS is from a halal source.
  • Membership will be cancelled if the payments are not received on time, where the member has been given 3 months of notice of no payments and still after 6 months no payments received, the membership will be cancelled, and no refunds.
  • If a member wishes to cancel their membership, then there will be no refunds made to the member as money paid thus far is non refundable.
  • If a member re locates to another area within UK, then their membership will continue to be valid providing they continue with their regular monthly payments without any missed payments. SMFS will pay the funeral costs.
  • If a family member of the deceased wishes to pay for their loved ones funeral, either part costs or full costs of the funeral then they are welcome to do so without any issues.
  • If a family member gets married and then lives in the same houshold, then they will no longer be member of SMFS and their membership will be cancelled. If they wish to join SMFS, then they will have to pay the initial membership fee of £200.00 again and re-join as a new member and then pay the monthly fees.
  • If the member passes away abroad, then SMFS will not cover the cost of transport of the deceased body back to the UK. SMFS will pay for the funeral service and costs in the UK. SMFS will also pay for the funeral costs in Bangladesh if the member passes away in Bangladesh. SMFS will also pay for the deceased body to by flown to Bangladesh should the family wish to do so and will also pay for an accompanying family member’s ticket at a cost of Economy class.
  • Every member shall have one vote at general meetings.
  • The Executive Committee shall have the power to refuse membership to an applicant, where it is considered such membership would be detrimental to the aims, purposes or activities of the group, without giving any reason.
  • Registration and termination of membership:
    • Any member of the association may resign his/her membership and any representative of a member organisation or section may resign such position, by giving to the secretary of the association written notice to that effect.
    • The Executive Committee may, by resolution passed at a meeting thereof, terminate or suspend the membership of any member, if in its opinion his/her conduct is prejudicial to the interests and objects of the association, PROVIDED THAT the individual member or representative of the member organisation (as the case may be) shall have the right to be heard by the Executive Committee before the final decision is made. SMFS’s Executive Committee will have the final decision